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8 Ways To Exceed Your Career Aspirations

John Lennon broadly said in the tune “Wonderful Boy,” “Life is the thing that transpires while you are caught up with making different arrangements.” Simply put, when you quit concentrating on those things that matter most to you and what you have confidence in – then you enable life to cruise you by. Do you […]

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4 Things Startups Have to Get Right to Survive

Running a startup is risky business. Three out of four startups fail, and those that manage to survive often struggle to retain customers and profit. A simple keyword search for “SaaS enterprise growth” will produce a litany of different (and sometimes conflicting) advice. With the weight of potential failure and the inconsistent messages of how […]

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How to Evaluate Your Startup Like a VC

When you build a startup, the most important thing to understand is how venture capital firms evaluate companies. That is the litmus test for any business. After all, they’re the pros. They’ve been doing this for decades. And they know what they’re doing better than you do, that’s for sure. That’s not to say you can’t have […]

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