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6 New Social Media Marketing Tools the Experts Use. You Should, Too.

Social media is transforming the way brands market themselves online. Actually, it’s safe to say that social media has already changed things in a big way. New platforms have emerged that continue to transform the way we communicate. These changes affect both how brands promote their message, and how their fans respond. With these new […]

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8 Questions to Ask Before Redesigning Your Website

If your small business’s website isn’t gaining traffic, actively engaging customers or targeting the right personas, it might be time for a redesign. This is particularly true if your site’s been online for more than a year and isn’t updated frequently. It’s important to stay relevant — nothing screams “behind the times” like an outdated […]

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4 DIY Marketing Tips for Empty-Wallet Entrepreneurs

Love asking emerging entrepreneurs if they have a lead generation strategy. The typical response is: “We are bootstrapping, we can’t afford strategy!” #WhatYouAreReallySaying: “We don’t know what to do to build a strategy, and we don’t have the money to buy expensive consultants.” The dilemma for the Do-It-Yourself entrepreneur is that you can’t afford to […]

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