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5 Tools for Best Measuring Your Brand’s Customer Satisfaction

To create the kind of customer experience that gets talked about, it takes more than just educated guessing. Great customer service comes from actionable plans derived from data-driven research, tracking, analyzing, and repeating (infinitely). And then, after learning the ins and outs of your own customer base, begins the descent into the data of your […]

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6 Steps to Create an Effective Employee Onboarding Experience

Onboarding is a well-known practice in human resources (HR) management and one we know can create a huge impact here at Bizzabo. As the newest members of your team, these will be the people sharing lunch with each other, taking responsibility for huge projects that can make or break your company and eventually onboarding new hires themselves. Onboarding […]

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4 Steps to Take to Start a Successful Peer Recognition Program

Here’s a piece of early-2016 bad new for managers and employers: Employees care more about the approval of their peers than that of their superiors. And there’s proof: A 2014 TinyPulse survey of more than 200,000 employees found that an employee’s peers were the number one reason respondents said they might go the extra mile at work. Which begs the […]

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