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Startup Must Follow 6 Stages to Search Keyword

As an entrepreneur or founder of a startup, you face a number of challenges and issues that more established businesses don’t have to deal with. From overcoming financing hurdles and building positive cash flow to promoting a new brand and encouraging consumers to take a chance on your product, your schedule is full. That’s why […]

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5 Tools for Best Measuring Your Brand’s Customer Satisfaction

To create the kind of customer experience that gets talked about, it takes more than just educated guessing. Great customer service comes from actionable plans derived from data-driven research, tracking, analyzing, and repeating (infinitely). And then, after learning the ins and outs of your own customer base, begins the descent into the data of your […]

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The 5 Non-Negotiables for Thriving in Business and Life

Starting a business is easy. Millions of new businesses are started each year. However, you must do more than create an LLC to become a thriving entrepreneur. Unfortunately, simply starting a new business is all the farther that most get. Inevitably reality creeps in and the cold hard truth emerges. Creating a business that enables […]

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