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健康重要吗?当然重要!但它到底有多重要?科学家用“1”来代表健康,用“0”代表您所拥有的一切,比如:你的金钱、地位、权力、车子、房子、子女、家人。当这个“1”存在的时候,也就是健康还在的时候,“0”越多,表示你拥有的越多。少一个或两个“0”,对你有没有影响?(有!) 但不是最要命的。但是若少了这个“1”呢?一切的一切统统是零!所以说,健康是非常重要的,它比什么都重要!

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Investing the Right Way

Joint Venture Investing is the Right Way to invest. Why? It allow us to minimize the impact of invest and increase our reach on our investment road map. Let’s break it down into the essential part for investing in property. First we need a certain amount of capital, second we need to have a salary […]

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PIC 2015 – No Capital, No longer a Problem

Property investment can be a long-term endeavour, such as earning the rental an apartment building, or an intended short-term investment in the case of flipping. That is the way of property investment but have you ever wonder is there any other way to invest in property? Now this is where Property Investment Convention 2015 (PIC2015) […]

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