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Investing the Right Way

Joint Venture Investing is the Right Way to invest. Why? It allow us to minimize the impact of invest and increase our reach on our investment road map. Let’s break it down into the essential part for investing in property. First we need a certain amount of capital, second we need to have a salary […]

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PIC 2015 – No Capital, No longer a Problem

Property investment can be a long-term endeavour, such as earning the rental an apartment building, or an intended short-term investment in the case of flipping. That is the way of property investment but have you ever wonder is there any other way to invest in property? Now this is where Property Investment Convention 2015 (PIC2015) […]

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Rise of ASEAN Conference and 8th Global Entrepreneurs Roundtable Highlights Video

Highlights video of Rise of ASEAN Conference and 8th Global Entrepreneurs Roundtable, featuring sponsors, partners, guest of honor, VIPs, forum panelist, ASEAN representatives, speakers, roadshow presenters and more. For more information about The Miracles of Capital course conducted by Dr. Wong, please visit: http://miraclescapital.com/ http://zibenqiji.com/ (Chinese, 资本奇迹-中文)

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