PIC 2015 – No Capital, No longer a Problem

Property investment can be a long-term endeavour, such as earning the rental an apartment building, or an intended short-term investment in the case of flipping. That is the way of property investment but have you ever wonder is there any other way to invest in property? Now this is where Property Investment Convention 2015 (PIC2015) come into play.

We all know investment mean you need a certain amount of capital and when we talk about property it is a ball game of “tens-of-thousands”. This makes investing an even harder game as for the young adults who just on their dawn of career or the middle-age men who had caped his loan ability due to his 1st property.

You might be thinking young adults who are in their mid 20’s is to be expected not to have the money to invest one way or another. However, during young age we have the spirit, passion and most important of all the energy to fight for what we want most. Money had been an issue of life whether you like it or not. Hence, investment should start at a young age when both your brain and your energy level are high, start doing it right.

For the middle-age group, if one had have his property house that enough as many are not even capable of owning any. Wrong, middle-age group are the one that needed investment even more as their family is setting up. Money will be even more important as the dependency of money increased.

PIC 2015 will open up your mind and guide you through a different method or we called it “Creative Method” to venture into property investment while keeping check with your financial budget. Join us and learn from John Lee (one of our speaker in PIC2015) how to invest in property with a different method.

Dump the mindset of investing the old and traditional way and learn how to invest a different way. John Lee will guide you through how to invest in a way that he had mastered in and are using it widely in Malaysia and also UK. Plus, he is a international speaker and own millions pounds of property all across UK.

Hint: Think about your car, which you are paying back loan to the bank after you buying it. Your driving it, using it, owning but do you really have full control in it? Try miss 1 month of loan payment, and see what happen to your car.