Investing the Right Way

Joint Venture Investing is the Right Way to invest. Why? It allow us to minimize the impact of invest and increase our reach on our investment road map. Let’s break it down into the essential part for investing in property. First we need a certain amount of capital, second we need to have a salary that able to cover our loan amount, third “age” which determine how long your loan term can reach as the longer the term the better and finally the knowledge.

For 1 person to able to able to fulfill all these is hard as it only few people that able to achieve that. So what about those that did not have the basic criteria to be able to fulfill? That when Joint Venture Investing is the right way to invest.

If a person who is in his/her mid 20’s which have the ability to get loans from the bank both in term of his/her salary & age but not the capital and knowledge, he/she must find a elder person who have the capital and knowledge. With both utilizing both advantage then the basic criteria is fulfill. We know well this is an method that exit the problem is preventing Joint Venture Investing melt down and a exit plan if one does not wanted to continue be involve, this is to protect both party.

Hence, this year PIC we are honor to be able to invite Chris Tan a lawyer and founders of Chur Association. He will touch on the the Joint Venture Investing and teach how to prevent dispute between joint venture party. Sharing his knowledge on how to be able to protect joint venture party and ensure that there is an exit plan in place to in cast any break of joint venture.

In the past joint venture investment is been known widely but the main cons is on the exit plan and also the dispute  arrangement. Therefore, if we remove both of these obstacle, joint venture investing is the right way to invest.