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Ringgit Malaysia is easily Asia’s strongest currency

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian resources are back in support as financial specialists concentrate on empowering indications of a monetary turnaround rather than an embarrassment that has touched the highest point of government and to the extent Hollywood. The stark move implies that Prime Minister Najib Razak, who has weathered political assaults and dissents backpedaling to 2015 […]

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Malaysia Budget 2016 – Part 2

National House Buyers Association (HBA) president, Chang Kim Loong, raises more concerns and issues pertaining property, some which were not taken up in 2016 year’s budget. Pleased by the fact that the government has looked into curbing measures which it implemented in the 2014 budget like increase in RPGT (Exit Costs), LTV and prohibition of […]

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The Budget In 2016 – Part 1

WITH regards to the recently announced Budget 2016, here are views and comments from the National House Buyers Association (HBA) president Chang Kim Loong. “On behalf of HBA, we acknowledge the challenges faced by our Prime Minister in tabling the Budget 2016 in view of the economic slowdown across the global regions, along with the […]

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