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5 Pointers for Getting More from Your Team

How to effectively communicate your expectations as a leader Managers are taught that holding employees accountable is the key to getting results, yet they often fail to clearly communicate their expectations. Rather than getting frustrated, try these steps: 1. Know what you want first. We may assume others are being thoughtless or selfish when they […]

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4 Ways to Be a More Collaborative Leader

There are two types of leadership—“me” and “we.” Where do you fall? Do you like your office door closed, no distractions allowed? Or do you prefer your door open, interruptions welcome? Beware that by tucking yourself away in the corner office, you are isolating yourself… and successful leadership requires collaboration, the opposite of isolation. So […]

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The 5 Traits of Great Future Leaders

Finding leaders isn’t about finding those with the loudest or even the most reasonable voice, or even finding the one with most impressive skills. How often have you seen someone with great skills be promoted to a leadership position, only to see him become a harried, crazed person making outrageous decisions that demoralize the team? […]

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