Tumblr introduced two GIF-related updates on iOS, including adding “GIF” as a new type of post. When users tap the new yellow GIF icon to share a GIF, they’ll see any content that can be turned into a GIF, like videos, bursts and live photos, or they can create a new GIF within the app.

In addition, users can now add text overlays to their GIFs in three different fonts. Users can change the size and color of their text, rotate text and drag text around the image to create the perfect GIF.

Tumblr offered some inspirational ideas and tips for GIF creators:

  • Cover a beautiful face with a more-beautiful emoji face.
  • Spin your text upside-down. People love that.
  • Shrink your text into unreadable dots. Now you have freckles!
  • Tap Aa while editing text to change fonts. But you’d have figured that out on your own.
  • Tap Aa while not editing text to start a fresh block of text. Do it again. Do it again forever.
  • Skim the rainbow to change the color, obviously. Drag your finger way off to the side and some weirder stuff happens.
  • Don’t forget rare Unicode characters. This mushroom ⍾ for example. Or this pensive snowman ☃. Or a triple integral symbol ∭. Or this expressionless square █.

These updates are now available for Tumblr users on iOS, and they will come to Android in the next few weeks.

Resources: OnlineExpert360.com