User-generated content is a staple of most ecommerce websites. Consumers want to share their feedback, and these humanizing reports about products and services are trusted by other shoppers. However, there’s a gap between consumer content creation and how businesses foster it. An infographic from OfferPop analyzes this gap in attitudes.

85 percent of users surveyed find visual UGC more influential than brand photos or videos, while only 65 percent of businesses believe the same. When it comes to user motivations, businesses don’t seem to realize why users are sharing and creating this content. For example, users are twice as likely to share something because they want a friend to see it, but only 14 percent of brands are aware of this behavior.

Another stumbling block in the creation of UGC is that consumers feel they aren’t given enough guidelines for creating reviews or other content. More than 50 percent of consumers want some direction, but only 16 percent of brands provide any. Simple directions like asking users to discuss features could be enough to steer them to create more engaging content. Suggesting  a pros and cons list can inspire more valuable feedback for both users and businesses while boosting engagement.

Nearly all of the consumers surveyed said that UGC is helpful in the decision-making process. And brands are already seeing the benefits in the form of increased social media activity, higher conversion rates and better ad performance. If you want a better UGC strategy, then provide users with some tools and advice, and then let them work their magic.

For more information, view the infographic below.

Source: adweek.com

Resources: ExpertOnline360.com