PRESS RELEASE: Rise of ASEAN Conference and the 8th Global Entrepreneur Roundtable 2015


Rise of ASEAN Conference and the 8th Global Entrepreneur Roundtable 2015; First ever joined entrepreneur and investment outlook into ASEAN

2nd April 2015, Kuala Lumpur- MOC Capital Berhad in collaboration with wealth Mastery Academy and MICE Preferred has presented in-depth information with regards to The Rise Of ASEAN Conference and the 8th Global Entrepreneur Roundtable in Kuala Lumpur. A press conference was held at the Park Royal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur chaired by Dato’ Terry Ong CEO of Wealth Mastery Academy, Dato’ Tony Looi from Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia (Pumm) and Datin’ Samantha Tee COO of wealth mastery academy.

The event scheduled for the 17th of April- 19th April at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur and will be attended by at least 300 delegates from around ASEAN. Malaysia, a growing nation was quoted to be as “A nation capable of being a central business hub for ASEAN for business and business expansion. We want our nation to match businesses on a global scale” this was a key talking point during the press conference, quoted by the CEO of Wealth Mastery Academy Dato’ Terry Ong. Besides conferences that are planned to take place on the specified dates, there will also be cultural night on the second day of the event. This is planned so that Malaysia can showcase to the world that Malaysia not is melting pot of cultures not only locally but also internationally. The introduction of Malaysian hospitality and culture to the other member nations and delegates was also very much stressed on.

Dato Tony Looi also quoted that “We want our nation to grow as a whole, to promote international businesses into Malaysia also matching them with existing businesses”. As quoted by Datin’ Samantha Lee “From the pass GER events we’ve manage to gain the followers and support to make this 8th conference a successful one. This would be the 8th conference that we will be organizing and it is honour as it will be hosted in our home nation”. This conference will provide an opportunity to both Malaysian and foreign delegates the opportunity to witness how that investments can transcend borders and local policies at the same time achieving the desired business aspirations that have been set.

As a whole, This conference is targeted to attract individual that are directly or indirectly involved in investment, entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners, bankers, fund managers, portfolio management and various investment authorities to understand better the economic climate and market ASEAN has to offer.

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