There’s been a great deal up upheaval in the social video sector in recent years. With the rise of mobile apps like Periscope, live streaming broke into the mainstream, and Facebook is starting to edge out YouTube in terms of content. A small study from digital production agency Philo Media examines how attitudes toward online video are still in flux.

Overall video viewing is on the rise, but 31.96 percent of the 466 survey respondents reported watching 15 minutes or less per day on mobile. Millennials reported watching one to two hours of video daily on mobile devices, 10.73 percent more than baby boomers.

Facebook has become the preferred video source for 37.28 percent of all respondents. Only millennials preferred YouTube over Facebook, with 35.66 percent reporting YouTube as their favorite. Interestingly, 6.84 percent of generation X respondents preferred Twitter for video. Additionally 63.5 percent of respondents report Facebook as their destination of choice for video sharing.

Current sharing attitudes seem to echo the data we’ve seen in the past. Emotional targeting creates a tangible impact on sharing activity, and positive emotions are more effective than negative. 55.09 percent of the survey respondents said humor was the most important motivating factor for sharing, while 11.42 percent of men reported that they were more likely to share a video that made them feel empowered.

Once again, Facebook has established itself as an industry leader, this time in the video space. And with its massive audience, Facebook has a big advantage over any competitors. However, even with this advantage, it’s clear that the same drivers behind sharing exist everywhere. Marketing content that plays to what audiences love will do well on any network.

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