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In The Social Network the actor portraying Mark Zuckerberg argues plastering the site with ads would ruin Facebook before it ever had a chance to take off. We know who won that battle. After it launched in 2004, users enjoyed a clean interface. Then, in 2012 Facebook rolled out a wave of efforts to turn […]

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Choosing the Right Apps for Your Business Services

Choosing a business app is not the same as choosing a consumer app. You can’t just download and delete it when it doesn’t do what you intended it to. In fact, it’s more like starting a relationship: once you’re in, you’ve committed yourself to making it work. And this is a relationship you’ll want to […]

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Instagram Rolls Out 60-Second Video Option for Advertisers

While most social-media platforms emphasize their commitment to brevity — Vine’s six-second videos, Twitter’s 140-character per tweet limit and Snapchat’s vanishing messages — one company is hoping to extend attention spans. Instagram is rolling out a new feature for advertisers today: an option for minute-long ads. Previously, advertisers had a maximum time limit of 30 […]

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