Will Your Technology Choices Make 2016 Your Most Productive Year Ever?

Here are five recommendations for making 2016 the best year you’ve ever had based on the list.  Some recommendations are work specific, others are just general things recommend doing if you are just looking for more room to breathe.2016 is going to be an interesting year – make sure it is interesting for the right reasons.


1) Use Twitter like a pro

I have said for many years that Twitter is best when used like a surgeon but many people use it like a GP.  Make 2016 the year you get Twi-literate and avoid endless waterfall scrolling, use advanced Twitter search, understand the Twitter ad ecosystem,  create aTwitter list for the most important sources and get involved in conversations that are going on – nothing ventured, nothing gained.


2) Make yourself immune to secondhand stress

We take on stressful situations around us, whether by choice or unconsciously.  One trait that over 50% of people I analysed were very good at identifying, defusing or avoiding situations of stress.  While this isn’t always possible, learning to spot stressed people is a useful skill in order to help them and help yourself avoid getting sucked down.  If you want to get a handle on stress try using the Headspace app [iOS/Android – free].


3) Work early to work less

Easier said than done but making time to work less is a key differentiation between working a 60-hour week or a 40-hour for some people.  Noticed a lot of people will spoke with in the group put their own success down to a few similar activities; using a clock of specific time increments, creating a daily schedule first thing before opening up email and rejecting at least one meeting a day where their presence was not imperative.


4) Cut the (cr)apps

Doing this test every quarter will help you keep your phone working smoothly, increase the free space on your device and limit your notifications.  Firstly, turn your phone off.  Now take a piece of paper and write down the apps you used over the last week.  Now turn your phone on and look at the difference.  Nine out of ten people will have roughly a third of the apps on the paper than on the phone.  Make a decision if you have used the app in the last three months (or however long you want) and if it has not been used – delete it.  Most apps don’t charge to redownload so your money is safe.  Be bold.  Cull, cull and cull again.


5) Make sure notifications work for you

Check exactly which notifications are actually on (iOS, Android) and turn off any that you don’t need.  Go notification cold turkey – you’ll be amazed how much you don’t touch your phone now.  Secondly, use one notification screen whether this is the Apple one or another that you can customize – make a choice and stick with it – habits take between 21 and 67 days to take hold – using notifications well is difficult, keep the clutter to a minimum.  You may simply need to change the type of notification you get – noises are more stressful than pop-ups but do get answered quicker – choose the right tool for the right job.

Resources: forbes.co