Tips To Pick An Investment-Grade Commercial Property

Commercial property is refers to a property that for business use. Commercial properties such as shop office with an individual title, its prices are normally in the range from RM 1 million to RM 3 million or shop office under strata title with lower entry point, and its prices are normally in the range from RM 200k to RM … Read more

4 Useful Ways To Make Money From Commercial Property

Although investing in commercial property is risky compare to residential property, but commercial property do generate a significant profits from capital gains and rental income. In today, we will share you the 4 useful ways of make money from commercial properties. ① Initial capital gain You have to make initial capital gain when you buy a commercial property … Read more

How To Find The Right Commercial Property

You are not only get rental income from commercial property, but you also get potential capital gains. The entry level for commercial property is quite high compare to residential property. This is because the bank normally offer the loan that less than 80% while up to 90% for residential property. A wise property investor is always purchase the commercial … Read more