Reaction to the new Instagram logo introduced earlier this week was fast and furious, and the revamped application didn’t fare too well, either.

Marketing technology company Amobee Brand Intelligence analyzed the sentiment of posts about the new logo on Wednesday, the day it was introduced, between 10 a.m. (when the news first broke) and 4 p.m. ET, and its findings included:

  • Sentiment was 53 percent negative, 33 percent neutral and 14 percent positive.
  • Digital content engagement about the Instagram logo Tuesday, the day before the update, was 1 percent of Wednesday’s total, meaning the old logo wasn’t actively being discussed.
  • Only 6 percent of digital content engagement mentioning Instagram Wednesday was related to the new logo, and Amobee said that while those who did express opinions on the logo did so passionately, it was “a very niche issue around Instagram.”

And application store optimization company Sensor Tower analyzed 740 U.S. app store reviews of the revamped Instagram app, finding that 70 percent were negative. In comparison, 86 percent of overall ratings for Instagram are positive.

According to Sensor Tower, the most commonly mentioned terms in the negative reviews were:

  1. New update: 80
  2. Hate: 57
  3. Ugly: 52
  4. Logo: 42
  5. Horrible: 37
  6. Please change: 32
  7. New icon: 26
  8. Awful: 25

Amobee senior vice president of brand Intelligence Assaf Henkin said in an email to SocialTimes:

What marketers can learn from the public’s reaction to Instagram’s logo change is that people are genuinely passionate about brands. While only 6 percent of Instagram’s digital content engagement is around the logo, it reveals a specific audience that is driving a shift in the brand’s sentiment online. Brands should leverage this real-time data to engage their audience and realize that it’s a great opportunity to turn the most vocal into brand ambassadors.