There’s Nothing Sexier Than a Passionate, Hard-Working Entrepreneur

Passionate is 1st rules in Entrepreneur 


1. The passionate.

There’s no two-ways around it, a relationship with an entrepreneur is filled with emotional ups and downs. One day you’re riding the wave of a huge acquisition, next moment you’re biting your nails as you wait for your next round of funding to come through. The great thing is that they express their emotional roller coaster. They’re passionate and excited about their business, and you get to come along for the ride with them — if you like roller coasters, that is.

And it’s not just their business. They’re equally as passionate about life. And about their partners. No one will ever love you harder than an entrepreneur can. They love you with the fiery force of knowing that everything is impermanent, and the moment is all we have.

Intense, but totally worth it.

2. The persistent.

If you’ve ever loved an entrepreneur — or even been romantically pursued by one — you’ll know this all too well. When it comes to their business, they mean… well… business. Nothing will stand in the way of their dreams, and although they may have their off days, they bounce back quickly and become more focused than ever before. This transfers over to their relationships as well.

They know what they want, and they’re not afraid to go after it. They’re happy to wait as long as it takes to win your heart, and when they finally do, they’ll cherish it even more. They know a good fit when they see one, and even when your relationship hits an inevitable rough patch, they won’t falter.

They’re with you until the end.

3. Have a strong moral compass.

Most entrepreneurs get into business to help the world in some way. They want to make a difference. They can’t stand idly by, knowing that they could have helped make a change for the better. By nature, they are value-adders. They want to better the lives of their clients, their customers and society at large.

In almost every entrepreneur / entrepreneur relationship I’ve witnessed, both partners add extreme value to the relationship. They build each other up and drive each other forward. Their partnership is a constant upward spiral of growth.

They aren’t trying to change their partner — they’re giving them a leg up to their dreams, in whatever way they are able to.

4. Not afraid to show they care.

If someone works that hard for you, it’s apparent that they have strong feelings for you. When entrepreneurs go after their goals, they do so with drive and abandon. They’re not afraid to let people know that they care — their 80/20 clients, or their significant others.

They will tell you how much you mean to them, every day. They’ll make you feel special, because you are. It’s important to them that you know that they love you, because you are what they want, and they know they can’t stand idly by and expect the relationship to run on auto-pilot.

5. It’s fun!

Entrepreneurs have a yearning to live life to the fullest. They have an empire to build, and you get to be part of the building phase. Whether that means you’re helping build a startup from scratch or providing emotional support for your partner’s existing enterprise.

There’s an excitement that comes with being part of something big and knowing that you are an integral part of it’s success. If you have a hard-working entrepreneurial partner by your side — count yourself lucky. It can be one of the most fruitful relationships you’ll ever have.

Keep learning from each other and helping each other to grow, and your relationship will continue to flourish for years to come.