5 Steps You Can Take Now to Get Wealthy in 2017

What are your goals in the brand new year? For many people, these goals include financial motivations. If you want to finally get wealthy in 2017, here are five ways you can actually do it.

1. Work for your dreams, not someone else’s.

If you really want to start making money and finally be wealthy in 2017 then you need to do something that you are truly passionate about. Without this passion, you are never going to reach your full earning potential. Focus on doing what you love and what you are passionate about, not just something that happens to be in a highly paid field.

Really ask yourself and dig deep to think about what you can see yourself becoming obsessed with. Obsession is the key to true success and it can lead you to real wealth. As real, lasting wealth is not just about money.

2. Dream big but start small.

Everyone wants big success fast but it’s better to go slowly. Optimize your process first before you try to go big. Take my top student, Tim as an example. He started stock trading with just $1,500, grew it to $1 million in three years and then over $3.3 million in four years. He bets bigger now that he is more confident, thanks to his early education. He is one of my favorite examples of starting small and working your way up slowly to something much more.

3. Give to others instead of yourself. 

Most people find this tough to do, but trust me, you can only have so many Lamborghinis and Ferraris and Porsches. Trust me, as someone who has had all three, they are not as fulfilling as giving back to charities, such as my Timothy Sykes Foundation is infinitely more rewarding and fulfilling. Remember that true wealth is not just about having the most money, but the most inner peace too. You will truly feel successful, established and wealthy if you start giving to others.

4. Get healthy.

I know it sounds a little corny, but it is actually true: health is wealth. You can have all of the money in the world, but if you are sick, or dead, you can’t enjoy it. As much as you work and as hard as you work, don’t forget to focus on your health, your body and your mental well-being.

5. Learn online.

We live in such an exciting time, where the world centers around the internet. It is a time where you have unprecedented access to a wealth of information. Thanks to the internet you don’t need fancy degrees, connections or inherited wealth. Everything you need to learn is online with video lessons and free guides, as well as vast educational resources like the Entrepreneur Library.  People always ask me where I learned about stock trading. It was all online.

I wish I had a mentor to help speed up my education, but I didn’t. This is why it is my goal to be the mentor to others that I never had. In summation, if you want wealth and success in the year 2017, you need to study and prepare and start with your online education, it is only the beginning of your success, but it will set a strong foundation for your future.

These five steps can go a long way in helping any individual be wealthier in the year 2017. The new year is right around the corner so don’t waste this opportunity to have a more secure financial future for yourself.


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