3 Ways to Invest in Real Estate When You Simply Don’t Have the Time

I bet my bottom buck that at least half the crowd is currently swamped, with so much on their plate that they are becoming rather overwhelmed by it all. After all, more often than not, busy professionals who want to tap into the world of real estate just don’t have the time.

These individuals are well aware that this market is very lucrative and offers a chance for great wealth. Nevertheless, they are unable to balance both work life and setting aside the time to seek an alternative investment. However, in order to be successful, keep in mind that you must not lose your ability to handle your business with grace, poise, and a firm iron fist.

So in order to continue your seemingly arduous journey into real estate investing, what kind of life-changing decisions do you have to start following on a daily basis when you are simply far too busy?

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Amongst the world of real estate investors these days, crowdfunding has become a frequent topic of discussion. Although it is still in its primary stages, real estate crowdfunding is making some major waves in the real estate market and is powerful enough to completely reshape the methods by which investors go out to find new properties to invest in. After all, this life-changing shift doesn’t just bring benefits for investors, but it also brings a lot of good stuff for the real estate companies and even the market itself. This newer niche saw close to 2.5 billion transacted in 2015 alone!

Gone are the days of having to go old school and spending hour after hour, day after day, phone call after phone call relying on connections in order to find great deals, plus having to invest $100k on a single deal. Nowadays, through the magic of crowdfunding, modern day real estate investors can simply access these awesome deals with the help of their electronic devices. This makes crowdfunding an ideal method to stay on top of everything when you are finding yourself short on time.


REITs aka Real Estate Investment Trusts are another great way to invest in real estate when you simply can’t find the time to spend those long, arduous hours running a real estate business. A REIT company will be able to help provide you with a variety of regular income streams, long-term capital appreciation, and diversification.

REITs either finance or own real estate properties that produce income and operate in a similar way to the stock market. They allow anybody to invest in their company through the purchase of stocks, and so by joining forces with a REIT, shareholders will be able receive taxable income as dividends without actually needing to go out and personally find a property to invest in themselves.


Turnkey Properties

These days, one of the most popular trends has been purchasing turnkey properties that need less time and effort in order to rent out, making them a great opportunity for real estate investors who are too busy to manage things themselves. So what is a turnkey property, you might ask? Well, what makes turnkeys so great and rather unique is that these properties have already been renovated and repaired by a real estate company that specializes in turnkey investments before they are put out on the market. In addition, the same company will oftentimes offer services in property management to potential buyers, which means that you won’t have to deal with all the nitty gritty work, such as repairing a broken sink.


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