Rent To Own; Own To Rent

Real estate purchase options are a form of financing that allows buyers to purchase homes without initially taking title of the property. Although they are used in both strong and weak real estate markets, they tend to be most used when sellers are having difficulty renting or selling, or when purchasers are having difficulty qualifying … Read more

Rent-To-Own Homes: How The Process Works

In a typical home purchase, the sale takes place shortly after the offer has been accepted, and the transaction is completed at closing. Since most buyers don’t have the money to pay cash, a mortgage is usually used to finance the purchase: The buyer puts down a certain percentage of the purchase price (the down … Read more

Would You Qualify for a Rent to Own Home?

Rising prices, shorter amortization, tougher lending rules and now a tiered down payment scale (Canada) are making things so much tougher for anyone (not just the first time homebuyers) to get into the housing market (or stay in the housing market) these days. Forget that life as we know it today includes debts, credit issues, … Read more