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These 7 Home Staging Mistakes That Every Sellers Must Avoid

When the time come to selling a property, the seller will prepare a plan for home staging to make their house more attractable to the highest number of potential buyers, thus selling a property more faster and at higher price. In order to make a home appealing to the potential buyers, its not as simple […]

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5 Things Of Your Lease Agreements That Can Be Actually Negotiated

Nowadays, we understand the reasons that the people out there can’t own a home because of the economy downturn and inflation. This global economy issues let us can’t afford to buy a home to ourselves and it’s force us can only rent a house or even a room to imagine that that is our home. However, […]

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The Importance Of Negotiate A Property Purchase

Whether you are property investor or homebuyer, buying a property is the biggest decision making ever! One step mistake will make the process of property purchase go wrong. While the biggest mistake that the most property buyers make is buying their dream home or investment property without having a proper and detailed plan in place in […]

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