These 7 Home Staging Mistakes That Every Sellers Must Avoid

When the time come to selling a property, the seller will prepare a plan for home staging to make their house more attractable to the highest number of potential buyers, thus selling a property more faster and at higher price.

In order to make a home appealing to the potential buyers, its not as simple as decluterring or rearrange the furniture, sometimes, you need to do more to add a vision of the price point and buyer pool that you are focused on. Well, in order to sell-off the property faster and at higher price, these 7 home staging mistakes that you must avoid;

Not much furniture inside the house

➊ Not much furniture inside the house

Imagine that you are house buyer, there are 2 properties for you to choose. The first one is an empty room while the second one including some furniture such as kitchen cupboard, TV cabinet or etc. Which one will you make an inquiry first?

Although reducing and decluttering furniture is the key of home staging, but, make sure you don’t clear away all the furniture or only left a few furniture in the house as it will let buyers feel empty. Other than that, you will also have no any points to raise up the housing price.

It is advisable to add or remain the existing furniture (make sure they are still in good condition) at living room, kitchen and master bedroom because these are the common places that the buyers like to focus on.

No Wall Paint Overcolored

➋ No Wall Paint/ Overcolored 

Before put your house on sales, make sure you have do the simple wall painting work but not overcolored.

A house with no wall painting can let people feel that is an old house and probably been in sales market for a long time and they will starting to think whether this house have any problems. So, wall painting is quite important in home staging as it can beautify the home and thereby increase the selling price.

Choose the wrong property agent

➌ Choose the wrong property agent

If you’re hire a property agent or a professional stager to sell out your home, make sure they knowing the property market in the area and knowing which type of potential buyers that you’re focus on.

Don’t ever never choose the property agent out of state (sometimes the seller done it because of the cheapest charges), as they do not know its property environment, neighborhood, future development or what the competition looks like.

Bad paint works

➍ Bad paint works

As mentioned above, old/ bad paint sends a message that the property is not well looked after while the intense colors will turn many potential buyers off.

The seller can choose the neutral color pallets like linen-whites, contrasted with decorator white trim and neutral beige that let the buyers feel warm and welcoming. Besides, if you can’t paint the wall, do spend a little money to hire a professional to done it for you.

Old or stained carpeting

➎ Old or stained carpeting

If the carpet retain smells and stained, it will turn people off. If you don’t want to remove the carpet, you can hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean the every single corner of it or do-it-yourself. When the potential buyers come over to visit the property, you can mention this to them so as to disarm their worries.

Otherwise, if there is an obvious smells come out from the carpet and you have a beautiful flooring, you can uninstall it directly as some of the buyers may not prefer the carpet in the house as well as save up your money from cleaning the carpet.

Over decorating

➏ Over decorating

Decorate/ renovate the house seems to be a better plan in home staging as it can increase the selling price. But, make sure you have no over decorating.

Pick a styles that acceptable for all the people. For example, adding some accessories and pillows can soften the living room, remove the round-table in the kitchen to adding the spaces and provide flow.

Lack of curb appeal

➐ Lack of landscaping

Last but not least, first impressions are very important. Whether is the front door or the driveway that needs a little updating. A bad first impression is hard to recover from.

It can be done by just do the simple landscaping and make sure all the things are alive, fresh and dead plants and rubbish are removed.

–WMA Property

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