8 Tips For Improve Feng Shui In Your Home

Believe it or not. A good Feng Shui in your home can bring you luck, health and wealth to you and your family. While a bad Feng Shui in your home may bring you the negative energy which could caused conflict, family arguments, poor health, constant stress and other negative issues. In order to able to live in harmony, the following Feng Shui tips that you must follow;

Two neighbours fighting with brooms over hedge

1. Never place a mirror at your door that faces your neighbour

Some people unknowingly place a piece of mirror at their door which faces their neighbour. This actually causes a great decline in feng shui for both parties

Never turn the washroom into a bedroom

2. Never turn the washroom into a bedroom

House owners that convert their toilets and washrooms into bedrooms damage their own luck. A toilet must remain as a toilet only.

safety problems

3. Never allow the door of a fridge or safe box to face the outside of a house

Such mistake causes a lost in money. Also, the door of a fridge cannot face the stove. It will give house owners health and safety problems.

Feng shui house

4. Buy a house and car that is suitable

Always consider the feng shui of a house instead of the price. An expensive house might not have good feng shui for you. Feng shui affects your health, safety, career, relationships and marriage. Likewise, apply the same principle when choosing for a car.

Never allow others to sleep in your room

5. Never allow others to sleep in your room

It is okay for your family to sleep in your bedroom, but never for outsiders. If an outsider sleeps in your bedroom, you will have bad luck.

Watch your words

6. Watch your words

Don’t be extreme in speech, or it might backfire.

Keep your money in one place

7. Keep your money in one place

Many people have a habit of keeping their money everywhere, causing them to lose wealth

Do not take pictures for no reason

8. Do not take pictures for no reason

Nowadays people take a lot of unnecessary pictures simply because they have a smartphone. However, most people do not know that this can lead to a lost in wealth, good relationships, and more importantly health.

In the point of no.6 as above, either in Feng Shui or reality, you should take responsibilities of what you’ve been said. Furthermore, Feng Shui is not only applicable to Chinese, its applicable to everyone. This is like a common sense that everyone should or shouldn’t do in daily life.


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