Top 5 Patio Decorating Ideas

Splendid, airy and graceful, these outdoor spaces invite you to come out and play no matter if it’s night or day.

1.Elemental Force
The combination of materials like stone and timber with the implementation of water features and lush landscape offers the perfect holding space for our tropical weather.

Tips ⌦ To maintain a delightful environment outdoors, keep your garden clear of clutter. Keep the swimming pools clean and yards tidy. Avoid from putting too many stuff. Instead, get a sculptural piece to anchor the space with a focal point.

2. Urban Nature
This outdoor retreat shows that spaces that mix with nature does not need to be styled in a rural way all the time. Modern ideas and furnishing work well here to bring out a very contemporary appeal.

Tips ⌦ Light up your patio will feel alive at night. Use uplighting to light up the trees, architectural details, or other focal points and illuminate walkways, rails, and steps with landscape solar lights.

3. Natural Contrast
To ensure this garden space covers around the bungalow in a balanced pattern, soft green spots neutralize the hard surfaces. 

Tips ⌦  Replenish the outdoor palette of colors and materials with your home’s architectural style. Choosing a design scheme that harmonizes with your home that echoes the design of your indoor rooms.

4. Tropical Paradise
This semi-outdoor area is adjacent to the main house, provide the owners a comfortable environment. What stand out here are the timber elements and the natural palette which come together effortlessly.

Tips ⌦ Whether your outdoor room is standalone space or intimate balcony, you’ll need to create zones to separate various activities-such as conversation, cooking, and relaxation-while allowing for good traffic flow throughout the space.

Before you start decorating your patio. Have a well plan in advance. When the time comes to hire a contractor/do it yourself and expending money, you can just sleep well at night as knowing you have already got it exactly right.


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