The Power of Window In The Kitchen

There are the numerous reasons for you to install a window in the kitchen. The most obvious reasons is letting the sunlight to bright up the kitchen. Sunlight is a natural light which brings your kitchen comes alive, so whenever possible I try is to accentuate the window in one way or another. Let’s explore the power of window in the kitchen;

Frame Out A Focal Point With Windows

1.  Frame Out A Focal Point With Windows

If you have multiple windows in your kitchen consider allowing the windows to frame out features like the hood. In a lot of cases the hood serves as a focal point in the kitchen, so by framing the hood in with windows the focal element becomes the whole wall as opposed to just the hood, making for a powerful visual. Bonus – industrial inspired shelving was installed over the windows to pack even more visual punch.

Install the Hood Around a Window

2.  Install the Hood Around a Window

In this space, not only was the hood situated between the windows, but the hood itself was custom built to notch around a third, higher window.

Incorporate the Steel Window Look

3.  Incorporate the Steel Window Look

Steel windows are dramatic in any room, but especially the kitchen. I love the contrast of the black windows against a lighter colored cabinet, but also like the idea of this look incorporated with a gray or dark colored cabinet, less contrast but interest through layering in like colored elements with different textures can be elegant and impactful as well. If new steel framed windows are not in the cards for your house, consider painting your existing mullions to achieve a similar visual effect.

Bridge Cabinetry Across a Window in kitchen

4.  Bridge Cabinetry Across a Window

Cabinetry plays a huge part in the kitchen, so integrating the cabinetry around a window can really create a fluid and custom look. In this image a cabinetry valance was installed to bridge the two wall cabinets flanking the large center window. This particular cabinetry valance follows the curve of the window creating an even more integrated vibe.

Incorporate a Decorative Window

5.  Incorporate a Decorative Window

One of my favorite options is to simply let a window in your kitchen have a more decorative design. This approach works well for people with one single window, often times over the sink, that want to add interest but don’t have as much flexibility due to space or orientation of the existing window in the room. We have all seen this concept in master bathrooms where the window over the tub is treated differently, often times with a more decorative design, so why not go in the same direction in the kitchen?

Have the above window design ideas inspired you to do the same? Pick one that you prefer the most and apply in your boring kitchen now. In order to cook for a delicious meals for yourself or family, its time to move your body to decorate your kitchen and make your kitchen comes to life.


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