Property Investor: Don’t Forget Property Maintenance

Every property investor should have a property maintenance plan. Don’t think that you had rent out to the tenants, so you can just sit tight while waiting to collect the rent every months. Wrong! Don’t forget that property is still yours, should there is anything happened and you’ll need to bear the cost.

Being a property owner, you’ll not only need to think how to make profit from it and also need to do maintenance and repairs your property every year.

Here’s what the expert tell you the important of property maintenance;

“Some owners would rather just wait and see, hoping they’ll be lucky and not have to spend a cent on their property. And the feeling gets worse when they discover the major unexpected costs could have easily been avoided with some minor maintenance.

Areas of potential concern should be identified as early as possible and a program of maintenance should be put in place. Maintenance costs should be considered even before agreeing to purchase a property because if you can’t afford the maintenance you can’t afford the property.

Even a brand new property will need some care after 5 years, whether the carpets need replacing or the walls need painting. Investors can often be shocked to visit a property after 5 or 10 years to find their memory of it is no longer accurate.”

Having a good property maintenance plan can help you to make more profits. The maintenance plan can be very simple such as checking the water plumbing system, wall painting, door lock and etc so long as you have plan for this and sure you can ask the property maintenance service company to do these for you. So treat your property like the way you treat of your car.


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