How To Get The Fair Price On A Property? Here Are 9 Tips For You!

Seasoned property buyers know how to buy a property at very low price while many first-time housebuyers are often pay higher to buy a house that they actually should due to inexperience in negotiating or just plain innocence.

Whether you are housebuyers or property investors, being more calculative and firm when bargaining the property price will undoubtedly benefit you in the long run. Therefore, here are 9 tips that shared by seasoned property buyers to get the fair deals on a property;


⓵ Don’t give too much info during bargaining

Don’t give too much your information away during bargaining process and you should let the property agent or seller lead the conversation. This is because if they know more about you, they will use some information to influence you to change your initial idea or mindset.

hide your emotions

⓶ Hide your emotion

When you are visiting any property, do hide your emotion even if you like that property. As the property agent or seller will sense that you like that property and may want to take order of it and they will take advantage of your emotions. In addition, you should not directly tell them you want to buy this property outright, instead, give them the fuzzy answers and maintain your poker face from beginning to the end or give them a little hint that you like this property but point out the disadvantages of its property.

Learn to say 'no'

⓷ Learn to say ‘no’

Be steady and learn to say ‘no’ when the situation calls for it. Although having to deal with a rejection can be quite difficult, and its always end up with awful responsibilities or extra work. So do learn how to politely reject a request and save a lot of time and nerves for yourself.

Ask some questions

⓸ Ask some questions to the seller

If you notice that the property agent or seller want to sell-off his/her property quickly or even giving you a lower price outright, you should questions whether there is something wrong about the property or he/she have financial issues. Don’t think that you are lucky that you’ve have done nothing and can get the cheapest offer directly, as there is always have something wrong somewhere of the property or the seller himself/ herself.

visit property

⓹ Ask your partner come along with you

Let your partner/ spouse be there with you during the negotiation process as his/her backup opinions will be able to help to strengthen your requests to the seller or property agent. Besides, for your own safety and avoid any problem happens, always find a partner to accompany you to visit the property instead of alone.

property price

⓺ Check on the property price by yourself

Do your research before visiting any property, do check the property price in current market or check on the price of similar property nearby. In addition, don’t be too quick to believe the property prices that quoted by the seller or the property agent as he/she may have some extra commissions of the price he’s/she’s selling to you or the property itself may have a discount from the developer but the agent sell you at original price.

Don't feel like you owe the seller

⓻ Don’t feel like you owe the seller

Don’t feel like you owe the property agent or seller anything if they’re nice to you or offer your the best services as that is part of their job and you shouldn’t let it to affect your final decision.

Do your homework

⓼ Do your homework

Before go for house hunting, do your research and collect more information of the property that you prefer. You can check on the similar property around the area and find out which one give you the better offer. Besides, if you really like that property, don’t pay for the down payment first, do hire an inspector to check whether there are any existing problems on that property that you’re not realized, so you can negotiate with the seller and property agent for it.

⓽ Never buy the first property you see

Don’t buy the first property outright during your first visiting as you may end up to making an impulse buy that you will definitely regret later. Be patient and search around to see whether there are any property with better locations and deals available. Give yourself a chance to look around and figure out which type of property that you really want and suitable to form a family for yourself in the future.

Hunt for a house is not easy, and hunt a house with fair price is even harder. But, if you have do your own research and know what is the exact property price in current market, and you good to go for negotiating the best deals with the seller or property agent. And the most importantly is maintain your poker face while visiting the property or during the bargaining process, as you may lose the best deals on the property.


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