How To Check Your Credit Score?

Before you submit any loan application, you should check on your credit record before lenders do. It is important for you to understand your repayment history first before lenders rejected your loan.

There are 2 major systems in Malaysia that allow you to track your credit history which is Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) and CTOS. Here we brief you steps by steps of how to check your credit records with these 2 systems

Checking your credit report via CCRIS

According to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), there are only 5 locations in Peninsular Malaysia which is KL, Shah Alam, Johor, Kuala Terreggana and Penang while 2 locations in East Malaysia which is Kota Kinabalu  and Kuching. If an individual located in Ipoh or Melaka, they need to go to BNM’s HQ to print out their credit reports.

Forgot to mentioned, it is free of charge by just walk in into any branches of BNM, but do remember to bring along your MyKad (NRIC) and driving license. It just takes you a few minute with these 3 simple steps;

Step 1: Walk in into BNM and look for CCRIS kiosk

Step 2: Insert your IC for thumbprint verification

Step 3: Print out your credit report

Apart from that, you may wonder how if you are staying out of the BNM branches? Don’t worries, you can request your credit report via email, you just have to complete the application form together with the required documents and send/fax to them. Do note that it might takes you around 2 to 4 weeks to process your request of credit report via email. Here the simple guides to you;

Step 1: Type in BNM CCRIS [your e-mail address], then SMS to 15888, it will be charged @ RM 0.20

Step 2: Do check your inbox/ spam folder, a form should be attached

Step 3: Print out the form and complete it

Step 4: Mail, fax/ email the completed forms and required documents to

Do visit www. for more details.

Checking your reports via CTOS

CTOS will provides your credit reports in order to determine the risk by bank when you apply any loan and it is free of charge by the way. Here the simple steps for you to get your credit records

Step 1: Login to CTOS website and click at “Get Use ID” in right column (personal solutions)

Step 2: You need to register an account and fill in your IC no., email, tick the CTOS PDPA policy then click “Next”.

Step 3: Fill up the following details, you need to scan your IC back & front separately and save into file then upload. Once you fill up your phone no., click “Request Tac” then fill in the number that you received from SMS.

Step 5: Within 24 hours, you will receive an update via email about activate your CTOS ID.

Step 6: Click “Do Self Check” at self check section

Step 7: Read through the explanation and statutory notification, then click “Do Self Check Report”

Step 8: Fill up the details again at the acknowledgement and verification page, then click “Submit CTOS Self Check”

Step 9: A CTOS Self Check Report will send to your email

Do visit www. for more details.


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