A Step By Step Guide To Inspect Your New House

Once the developer informed you to go over to collect the key of your new house, there are the things that you should look out for, such as the property conditions, is there have any things missing from the list of S&P Agreement, check on the plumbing and electricity system and many other things that we will list down in later on.

If you want to save money (like me) from hire a property inspector, here are the step by step guide to inspect your new house by yourself.

The procedure of house inspection

Ⓐ The procedure of house inspection

1.Once the developer has obtained the warranty deed, transfer of house ownership should be done in written format.

2. Before accepting the new house, you have to make sure all of the relevant documents are in your hand, such as survey report, Buyer’s Walk-Through and Acceptance form,  quality certificate and so on.

3. Make sure you have read through and understand all of the legal documents, such as;

➩ Ensure that the house delivered to you is exactly same with what you have agreed in S&P Agreement.
If there is any problems with the house, do let the developer know and ask them to fix in as soon as possible
If you found any structural problems in your new house, do inform the developer and if necessary, report to the Housing and Local government.
Ensure that water, plumbing, electricity supply, gas and other systems are working under good condition. If there is any defects, you should informed the developer immediately.

property inspection checklis

Ⓑ These are the things that you should put into the property inspection checklist;

1.Wall and the paint

Check all the every single area or corner whether there is any cracks on the wall. For your information, there are the common types of cracks that you will be found in your new house which is settlement cracks, structural cracks, shrinkage cracks and temperature cracks. The most importantly, beware of the exposed barbed wire and steel.

2. Flooring

Check if there is any cracks and flatness on the floor.

3. The condition and quality of doors and windows

 The doors and windows tracks have to be smooth. And both doors and windows must be able to open and close perfectly. Make certain that all glass doors, glass windows and window frames are in good condition.

4. Balcony

 The flooring of balcony should be flat and without any damages. Also, the balcony window must work perfectly.

5. Water facility

All of the rooms and corridors equipped with tap and pipes should be in well condition.

6. Electricity

 Make sure the power reading for the water card and electric card are similar to the quantity purchased.

7. Drainage system

➩ Ensure the drainage system is functioning well. Areas such as toilet, bathtub, basin, kitchen, balcony floor and drains should not have stagnant water.

8. Other facilities and systems

Do check whether the TV cable lines, telephone lines, building intercom system, home security alarm system (if any), patrol system, audio system and others things that stated in the S&P Agreement are in your new house.

Once you done the house inspection and satisfied with the results of property conditions, you will proceed to sign the property handover document with the developer.


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