5 Mistakes That Can Drop Down Your Home Value

Getting ready to sell your home? Some sellers unintentionally make mistakes that drop down the value of their home, deterring buyers from purchasing.

The following are some of the mistakes you should avoid to ensure that your sell off your home faster and at top dollar:

Going Crazy With Colours

Going Crazy With Colors

You may have a penchant for bright colors but, generally speaking, buyers prefer paint are of neutral tones. This is because it provides a blank canvas which, upon moving in, they can paint it any way they like it. Extra bright or non-traditional colors can scare off potential buyers. Hence, try to stay away from ‘trendy’ colors such as funky orange walls or that neon green carpet. Another plus point is that neutral colors help to maximize an area’s space.

Failing to maintain appliances

Failing to maintain appliances

Having a lot of issues and needed repairs will definitely decrease a home’s value. Cleaning up appliances that will come with the home is important. It is advisable to replace appliances that are are worn out. No new home owner would want to move in and have to go through the hassle of replacing faulty items.

faulty light switch

Overseeing the minor details

Aspiring sellers should always keep in mind that buyers have their eye on details you might forget. Do not go lax with the maintenance and cleanliness of your home – fix that faulty light switch or replace that broken tap. Potential buyers carry out a walk through test while inspecting your home – you would want to show that the house has been cared for.

Getting on the trend wagon

Getting on the trend wagon

Many homeowners get caught up in liking designs that are trendy, but there is the risk of failing to impress buyers if when the said trend quickly dies. If the trend is difficult to alter, it would cause buyers to think twice as they would factor in the additional cost required to fix the ‘trendy’ mistake.

rning on the air conditioning

Neglecting to keep it cool

You would want to make sure that your home is comfortable and airy especially on viewing day. Stifling, hot, muggy homes are not fun to tour, especially with our warm and humid climate. Make sure to create a comfortable temperature by turning on the air conditioning to ensure your potential buyers take their time to really see your home.


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