4 Do’s and Don’ts Of Choosing Carpet For Your Home

Buying a new carpet to decorate your sweet home is never easy as there are so many choices and decision have to be made. Today, we will talk about what to do and what you shouldn’t do when shopping for new carpet.

1.Understand the carpet

4 Do's and Don'ts Of Choosing Carpet For Your Home

 Learn about the fiber types and figure out which one suit for your home. Do note that not all the carpet fibers are the same. For example, natural fibers such as synthetic fibers and wool which are commonly used in wall to wall carpet. Hence, you have to put a little effort to study the characteristics of each carpet fiber type, so you will not get confused when selecting the carpet.

 Don’t presume that one fiber is always better than another. You have to understand that each type of fiber has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, the other components of the carpet have big effect on how a carpet can perform its strengths

 Know the carpet warranty that offered by the manufacturer, because carpet is not cheap. So be sure that you are buying a carpet that is covered for particular situation; e.g., some of the warranties are not cover stairs (if you buy carpet for stairs), so make sure the carpet have such warranty before buying it.

 Don’t think that warranty is not important. A warranty can prove a product’s quality; For example, if the manufacturer does not offer comprehensive coverage or short-term warranty, its means that they are not expect  the product to stand up well for a long time period.

2. Do Research

4 Do's and Don'ts Of Choosing Carpet For Your Home 2

 In order to prevent from choosing the wrong carpet, you should get yourself at least a basic understanding of how to see a carpet’s quality.

 Don’t over emphasize on the carpet face weight (weight of the carpet pile per square yard of carpet). But, some of the salespeople might give you the wrong understanding of a higher carpet face weight mean a best carpet. This is not always the case, and if you believe in it, you may buying a carpet that does not meet your needs.

 Go online, do some research to see what reviews say about the product that you are considering may help you to make a correct decision. You may also get some suggestions from your family or friends who have bought carpet recently.

 But don’t believe every reviews that you have read. Reviews online can posted by anyone or anonymous user could be one of an employee of the company trying to increase the product’s image; or could be a competitor posted a bad comment to destroy the product.

3. Finding a trustworthy Salesperson

4 Do's and Don'ts Of Choosing Carpet For Your Home3

 Find a salesperson that you are believe or comfortable with. You may ask for your friends or family introduce a salesperson to you. Be sure you deal with a salesperson that you feel you can trust.

 Don’t presume that a famous brand or national chain will always be the best place to buy your carpet. They might spend a lot of money on advertisement to make you believe that their carpet is offer the bestest quality or the least expensive.

 Do get several quotation request on the product that you are considering.  You may notice the price is vary from several retailers, so once you have chosen a carpet, request for a price from 3 -4 retailers for comparison. Besides, be sure the price is inclusive of everything you needed; For example, if you want them to install the carpet for you, be sure all the installation charges are correctly and included; if you are buying the carpet and you will install yourself, be sure the underpad is included.

 Don’t compare the prices from different products. For example, if you are request a quotation from Company Y and one from Company Z, be sure they are both quoting on the same product or same quality of product. Otherwise, you can’t compare the benefits between them and which have offer the best price.

4. Decide which carpet that you are prefer

4 Do's and Don'ts Of Choosing Carpet For Your Home5

 Decide on a carpet style that you most prefer. While there are thousand of carpets available in the market, they can all be narrowed down into one if only several style categories.

 Don’t buy a carpet by its looking. Some of the people like the carpet looks than its quality, but, the good looking carpet often have poor performance or staining and soiling and after few year’s time, the carpet no longer pretty.

 Do take the carpet samples. The color of the carpet may appear differently under various lighting, so the way it looks at the store may not look exactly the same in your home. Be brave to ask the salesperson for a small piece carpet samples!

 Do not buy immediately after salesperson introduced the carpet to you, or else you may regret. If you are working with a cutoff date for your new carpet, then make sure to give yourself sufficient time to decide buy or not to buy. So that you will figure out which carpet suit for your home as well as the right retailer to see it to you.


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