10 Amazing Wood Ideas

Woods decoration is so trendy these days! We have share one wood pallet beds (as below), and I think this idea is not only amazing and it’s unique! From wood pallet beds to decorated wood stairs, and many other wood decoration ideas, and I’m sure you will be inspired by what you see here! Let’s get started.

1.Wood Pallet Headboard

Amazing Wood Ideas 1

Image source: smartschoolhouse

Amazing Wood Ideas 22

Image source: 99pallets

Unable to buy a headboard due to budget constraints? No more worries, get a wood pallet and DIY an unique headboard for yourself! You can also customize your headboard with lanterns and colors.

2. Wooden Pallet Bed For Your Little One

Amazing Wood Ideas 5

Image source: smartschoolhouse

Image source: curbly

Image source: curbly

Image source: pinimg

Image source: pinimg

A wood bed for that little’s one dreams are made of! If you’re kid are a girl, you can DIY a wood bed like the first picture which can achieve a little girl’s dream (to be a queen or princess to live in a castle).

3. Bed In A Box

Amazing Wood Ideas 6

Image source: smartschoolhouse

This idea is really amazing! If you’re short of space, consider getting one of these. You can customize the design with paint it or decorate it.

4. Wood Pallet Wall

Amazing Wood Ideas 3

Image source: smartschoolhouse

amazing wood idea 23

Image source: palletfurnitureonline

Love the first pallet wall decoration! A wood pallet wall decoupaged with tissue paper, scrap book paper, fabric or wrapping paper. Alternatively, if you think the original color of pallet is just nice for you, then you can just stick it on the wall like picture 2.

5. Wooden Stairs Decoration

Amazing Wood Ideas 2

Image source: smartschoolhouse

Amazing Wood Ideas 7

Image source: onyapan

You can customize the wooden stairs with wrapping paper, fabric or own design. This is awesome right?

6. Wood Pallet Bed

Image source: palletwoodprojects

Image source: palletwoodprojects

Amazing Wood Ideas 9

Image source: 99pallets

Wooden pallet dream bed with no effort.

6. Wood Pallet Bed For Your Pet

Amazing Wood Ideas 8

Image source: newnise

Amazing Wood Ideas 12

Image source: 101pallets

Make one wooden pallet bed for your lovely pet too~

7. Wood Pallet Wall Decoration

Amazing Wood Ideas 14

Image source: wanelo

Amazing Wood Ideas 19

Image source: foter

Wooden pallet rack! I love this.

8. Wood Pallet TV Mount

Amazing Wood Ideas 10

Image source: pinimg

DIY Wood Pallet Decorative TV Wall Mount.

Check on the tutorial of installing wood plank as below video;

9. Wood Pallet Coffee Table

Amazing Wood Ideas 13

Image source: upcyclethat

Amazing Wood Ideas 16

Image source: 99pallets

DIY an unique coffee table for your living room.

10. Wood Pallet Kitchen Table/ Bar

Amazing Wood Ideas 18

Image source: safarimp

Image source: smartschoolhouse

Image source: smartschoolhouse

Where bar and table meet! This awesome wood pallet design for kitchen table!


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