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Why You Should Want Your Employees to Love Each Other

There is something to be said for an environment where people feel comfortable expressing appreciation, respect and caring for their co-workers.

When employees can feel really comfortable and supported in the workplace, magic can happen — innovation peaks, creativity stirs and collaboration naturally happen. This is how really great results are produced. When you create an environment where “we win” is supported over “I win,” you will create a much more supportive and collaborative work environment. And what’s not to love about that?


1. Embrace differences.

Most workplaces today are extremely diverse. Backgrounds, life experiences, choices and worldviews — we all bring something different to the table. You don’t have to become an advocate for each person’s unique traits, but you can embrace those differences to benefit the workplace as a whole. Do this by looking for ways to assign people with unique talents and abilities to certain situations where they would be a good fit and by looking for common ground among people and celebrating both the similarities and the differences.


2. Listen deeply.

Focus on listening as much as you talk. Every person has a need to feel heard, and being a good listener can help your employees feel that they have a voice. Even if you can’t implement an employee’s idea or solve a problem she may have, your willingness to listen will make a difference.


3. Care about others — and show it.

It may seem easy to simply care about your employees, but it can be difficult for some bosses to show it in a genuine way. Take time to understand your employees’ points of view, and make exceptions to the rules when necessary. Make it a priority to express your appreciation to them in a genuine way.

If emotional intelligence is something that your workplace just doesn’t embrace, consider making an argument for how this can effect not just employee morale, but your company’s stock performance too. An important economic link between company intangibles, such as employee satisfaction, and broader financial performance among large publicly held companies.

So make your workplace where employees love each other. This could be the key to achieving your organization’s goals.

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