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The 5 Traits of Great Future Leaders

Finding leaders isn’t about finding those with the loudest or even the most reasonable voice, or even finding the one with most impressive skills. How often have you seen someone with great skills be promoted to a leadership position, only to see him become a harried, crazed person making outrageous decisions that demoralize the team? […]

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6 Things Effective Leaders Always Say

Too often we forget our most basic goal in business—to create relationships with clients, customers, prospects, colleagues, shareholders and, at the center of it all, employees. Everyone at every level needs appreciation and meaningful feedback about their work. If you think that’s an obvious and practiced element of leadership, think again. Nowadays, leaders are prevented from […]

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There’s Nothing Sexier Than a Passionate, Hard-Working Entrepreneur

Passionate is 1st rules in Entrepreneur    1. The passionate. There’s no two-ways around it, a relationship with an entrepreneur is filled with emotional ups and downs. One day you’re riding the wave of a huge acquisition, next moment you’re biting your nails as you wait for your next round of funding to come through. The […]

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