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Find Out If You Are Paying True Price Of A Property

As a property buyer, how do you know whether you being overcharged for that property? Every property buyer thought they getting the fair price on every property that they have bought, but in fact, totally not. However, knowing the approximate and acceptable range of property price is very important. In order to protect yourself from […]

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How To Get The Fair Price On A Property? Here Are 9 Tips For You!

Seasoned property buyers know how to buy a property at very low price while many first-time housebuyers are often pay higher to buy a house that they actually should due to inexperience in negotiating or just plain innocence. Whether you are housebuyers or property investors, being more calculative and firm when bargaining the property price will undoubtedly benefit […]

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Top 5 Tips To Select The Right Conveyancing Lawyers

One you’ve had reached certain level of property investor, you will need to form a team to support your back. The first and indispensable member would be your conveyancing lawyer. You will need a trust-able lawyer to help you to process the S&P Agreement, loan document and tenancy agreements and always protect your interest in […]

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