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ASEAN, the Future of Economic Growth

“ASEAN faces the future with confidence. Its strong foundation and remarkable achievements will serve ASEAN well as it pursues higher goals at the dawn of the new millennium. The ASEAN Heads of Government have reaffirmed confidently that Cooperative peace and shared prosperity shall be the fundamental goals of ASEAN. Economically, ASEAN shall move towards greater […]

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Slow and Steady

“Slow yet steady progress has been seen in realizing the goals of liberalizing investment and capital flows. The signing of the ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement in 2012 was an important step in building a better business environment for the private sector in the region. Moreover, to enhance trade facilitation, the National Single Window (NSW) program […]

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Setting Goals

“The goal of ASEAN economic integration is to become a single production base where goods can be manufactured anywhere and distributed efficiently to anywhere within the region. ASEAN needs to work towards the goal of freer movement of labour and capital, but in reality, integration and the free flow of resources will only be gradual,step […]

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